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Do you want to sell your house yourself? We have some tips for you!

Do you want to sell your house? Then you quickly think of a broker. A broker arranges many things for the sale of a house. He leads the viewers around the house, makes sure the house comes online and makes the sales contract. In addition, a broker knows the housing market like the best, he can give you an appropriate advice. That is very nice of course, but estate agents often take up to 1.5% of the selling price for the things they do. For a house of 300,000 euros, he would get 4,500 euros of that. You can save that money by selling the house yourself, but how do you go about it?

We have five tips for you to sell your house without an estate agent.

1. Determine the asking price of your property

The start of the sale always begins with determining the asking price. You can determine your asking price by looking around in your area for similar houses. You can easily find this via Funda for example.

In addition, the Land Registry Office can always help you determine a realistic asking price. They register the sales data of all houses in the Netherlands. For a small payment from the website or by SMS, you can request the purchase price of your house. Do you prefer an exact calculation of the market value? Then you can always let an appraiser do it. This does cost a lot more money. This amount is approximately 450 euros for an appraisal report.

2. Put your house on the market

With only a sign in your front garden you will not attract buyers of course. Nowadays it all starts online on the Internet. As a private individual, you cannot put houses online on Funda. The NVM, the Dutch Association of Estate Agents, is the owner of Funda. They are trying to prevent the profession from being played off the map.

But there are other possibilities. You can for example put your house on marktplaats or have a website made of your house. Facebook can also be a good alternative. You can ask your network to share your message or you can start with advertisements for a few tens of euros. This way you can decide who your target group is.

The methods that are now seen as old-fashioned could also still work. Think about putting up posters and distributing flyers. Suppose you once bought a house with a large garden that fits a swimming pool. Make use of this and present it as the ideal house for a swimming pool enthusiast. You can then go to a motor garage in the neighbourhood and put up the posters or hand out flyers.

3. Organise viewing days

There are a few tricks to get people enthusiastic during viewing days. If you are selling your house yourself, this also means that you have to organise and accompany the viewings yourself.
The trick during viewing days is to look at your house through the eyes of the buyer. Everyone has different tastes, of course, so if the buyer doesn't like your bathroom and wants it out, think out loud and discuss what the possibilities might be.

It is important to find out what the reason is for the buyer to come and look at your house. Therefore, try to ask a lot of questions, so that you can think along with the buyer. In this way, you will find out what the buyer finds important and you can easily respond to this. If the buyer says he is looking for a safe neighbourhood where their children can play with others, tell him that there are nice children living in the street and that the neighbourhood has very little traffic.

4. Be honest at the negotiating table

There are a lot of people who refrain from selling a house themselves. They are often afraid of a possible conflict during the negotiation. The estate agent says that this is usually unnecessary. During a good negotiation, you sit at the kitchen table and look the other party straight in the eye, the most important thing is that you are honest. As a seller, you have to explain what price you want, what your reasons are and how your house compares to similar houses on the market. That's why it's important to do your homework beforehand. Do you find it exciting, or are you still very much in doubt? Then ask an experienced friend or family member with no emotional ties to negotiate well with you. It is important to set a lower limit and not to let yourself be rushed.

It is also important: inform your potential buyers about any defects. As a seller, you are obliged to provide information to buyers. If there is a leak on a rainy day, the roof structure is rotten or the water pipe is corroded, you have to report this in advance. If you have not informed the buyers of a purchase defect in advance, you can be held liable. The buyer can demand compensation and even cancel the purchase.

5. Put everything on paper

Have you found a buyer and agreed on the terms of the price? Then it is high time to draw up the preliminary sales contract. The standard contract can be downloaded free of charge from the Owners' Association website.

For a few hundred Euros you can also have the notary draw up the contract of sale. Once the contract has been signed, the purchase may still be cancelled by the buyer within three working days. This without giving any reasons or costs.

The notary fees are always for the account of the buyer (buyer's costs), unless otherwise agreed. Therefore the buyer may choose the notary. Has the transfer been signed by both parties at the notary's office during the final house inspection? Then the sale is a fact

So do you prefer to sell your house yourself, with an estate agent or do you prefer a combination? Easie is the answer to all your frustrations with traditional brokerage. Keep away from unwanted services, uninterested estate agents and old-fashioned commission rates. Opt for the freedom of choice, welcoming service and transparent fixed costs of Easie. Selling your house will be fun again.

With Easie you decide which estate agent services you purchase. You arrange the rest yourself. Are you excited? Then choose a package and get to work selling your house right away.

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